Where are we going? Web Design Trends for 2016

Randy Brown writing at Elegant Themes Blog, and Larry Alton at Website Magazine offer helpful reviews of Web Design Trends for 2016.

It is obvious to all of us that web design is changing at a dizzying pace. Identifying fundamental trends can help us see what we need to do to keep our websites relevant in the year ahead. While it is certainly true that ‘web designers’ continuously introduce creative new visual and organizational ideas, there are structural design influences that we should recognize and track. Of major importance is the ongoing shift to mobile devices driven by increasing mobile bandwidth, which is further enabled by the steady improvement in the resolution of mobile displays. People are using the web for more things, in more places, and at more times, all of which is causing fundamental user behavior changes. These changes are impacting UX design, typography, menus, scrolling, colors, tools, tiles, tabs, storytelling, content and more. These trends represent evolutionary changes in the way web information is consumed by a web audience that is itself evolving in its understanding of what it wants to do on the web. This is structurally new territory, and it is far beyond the realm of fashion and novelty. Clearly, there is no going back.

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