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build high quality infographics in under 30 minutes

How to Build High-Quality Infographics in Under 30 Minutes

Via Chris Warden | @ChrisWarden_SE There's no denying that infographics are a great way to spread your message. The mingling of rich visuals, typography, and large amounts of data give content marketers a way to reach audiences in a way that isn't at all overwhelming—which is often the challenge with any stat or data-heavy content. According to...
How to Leverage the True Potential of Landing Pages

How to Leverage the True Potential of Landing Pages

Via Jeff Bullas | @jeffbullas It takes a lot of training and trial and error to create powerful landing pages, regardless of what your goals are. There are many factors which contribute to their success (or failure). Here are 8 very simple but powerful ways to create awesome landing page copy which will double your chance of a conversion....
Pay-Per-Click Marketing

The Noob Guide to Understanding Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Via Brad Tiller | @bradtiller Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the best ways to reach the best prospects, at a moment that's pivotal in their purchasing cycle. This guide from Brad Tiller at Unbounce serves as a primer on the core concepts every PPC marketer needs to know and, more importantly, understand. Read the full Article