Reaching out to consumers on the IoT

smart refrigerator

The Internet of Things is changing the way we interact with our homes, our cars, our appliances, even our bodies. From the front doors of our houses, to the many hidden devices that are otherwise invisible to us, but which form the critical systems that support our daily lives, like pumps and valves, and multitudes of electrical switches and relays, literally billions of “things” are being added to the internet every year. Marketers are rapidly discovering that this network of new “touch points” presents an excellent opportunity to connect with consumers. But taking advantage of this opportunity will require advertisers to completely revise their sense of what to say to consumers and when to say it. For example, consumers interact with their appliances in a completely different way than they do with their TVs, or their smart phones. While I may be willing to watch certain kinds of messages on my TV, when I’m relaxed in the evening; I will be completely intolerant of the same kind of message on the display on my blender, or my coffee maker, when I am in a rush to get out the door in the morning. On the other hand carefully scaled and timed bits of advertising content that are specifically related to the way the blender fits into my life (recipes, ingredients, health tips) could be entertaining and welcome as I stare blankly at my appliance when I am half awake. Context, and relevance, will be everything as we reach out across the Internet of Things and advertise to consumers in places where they’ve never been marketed to before. Done correctly this can be an extraordinary opportunity to put messages in front of consumers exactly when they can appreciate them the most, done badly this kind of communication will be a disaster.

Ted Dhanik, CEO/Co-Founder of engage:BDR has an excellent post on the topic of IoT Advertising "Exploring The IoT Revolution: Getting Inside The Consumer's State Of Mind". Read the whole article here.