People-Based Marketing: How to Reach Customers Across Screens and Devices

Via Amit Ahuja via @Adobe

Marketing to a consumer as they journey through your brand on their devices offers new opportunities. Each device can be accompanied by a unique experience that is both different from other devices and a continuation of the same customer journey.

While we have understood for a while now that cross-device and cross-channel tracking is crucial to understanding consumer behavior, actually understanding that data has been much trickier. Data measurement today is centered on measuring devices, which is only part of understanding this data. We need to move to a place where we’re measuring at the people level, not just a device that could be used by an entire household.

When an organization recognizes that customer data is tied to people, rather than devices, it can create personalized experiences across channels. The experience then becomes more fluid while still being unique for each device. That is, if you (the marketer) can understand who is shopping and what is happening where, then you can create a continuous experience across devices that is catered to optimize the experience by device. However, it can be extremely difficult for brands to track and understand how customers are behaving across devices.

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