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Your Website Is a Conversation, Not a Presentation

Your Website Is a Conversation, Not a Presentation

Via Andrew Schulkind | @andrewschulkind Your website is a proxy for you. You’re not actually sitting face-to-face with your prospects. But even without the back-and-forth of an actual conversation, you can get better Web results by striving to create a dialogue. Read full article
SCOPE of Pain website on desktop, tablet and smartphone

Why your website needs to be responsive

More and more people are making smartphones and tablets their primary paths to the Internet. There're lots of statistics to support this, but one recent observation really stands out: According to the world’s most popular search engine: “More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the U.S. and Japan...
Web design trends

The 5 Web Designing Trends of 2016

Via Harold Stark | @realharrystark Design wise, we all want to be unique. As a business, we need to stand out so having a unique brand is a must, but on your website there are some trends worth following. Of course, how closely you follow the trends is up to you. Not every market is the same, so keep in mind what your customers are willing to tolerate. A...
Tips for Setting Up a Button System That Endures

Buttons in Design Systems

Via Nathan Curtis | @nathanacurtis Buttons are arguably a design system's most important component. Devilishly simple, they offer a simple label in a defined region you can press. As such, buttons are where you apply a design language’s base attributes in ways that'll ripple throughout more complex component later. Here are 12 lessons when working the...

How to Create Visually Effective Calls-To-Action

Via Rafal Tomal | @RafalTomal Designing your pages for conversion is a tricky job. It's a constant fight of what works and what doesn't. It's a never ending process of testing, measuring and making changes. One of the most difficult tasks is to point your visitors right into your call to action in order to catch their attention and interest them in your...
Brilliant Website Layouts

Is Your Website Layout Doing More Damage Than You Think?

Via Janie Kliever at Canva | @canva Underneath all the design decisions that you have to make, is something even more important: your website's layout. The layout provides a framework that structures your site in a way that makes sense, is easy to navigate, and lets your content shine. Read the full article.
Designing for the web: are there colors you should avoid?

Designing for the Web: Are There Colors You Should Avoid?

Via Carrie Cousins | @carriecousins The web is a rainbow of color options. Color is a great tool for grabbing the attention of users, providing visual interest and impact and creating contrast for readability. Color is also at the center of many design trends, including flat and material styles. But can you go wrong with color? Are there hues or...