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30 Days Worth of Social Media Hacks and Experiments

Via Kevan Lee | @kevanlee If you're curious for ways to grow your social media numbers, to have more success, to get more followers and more clicks, the absolute best piece of advice we've found is to keep trying new things. Always be testing. Need inspiration? I've drummed up 30 new, small, and simple experiments and growth hacks you can try this...
Hashtag eBook from Act-On

6 Tips for More Effective Hashtags

Via @ActOnSoftware Hashtags are a social media marketer's best friend. They can double the reach of social media updates, let you ride the tide of trending topics, reveal what's hot and what's not at any given moment, give you a way to search for content across the sea of information online - and give you a way to be found as well. Used correctly,...

Know Your Photoshop File Sizes

How can one Photoshop image grow and shrink dramatically during production, even without compression? It's a question that comes up regularly. And the answer isn't just academic, because understanding why could save you a lot of storage space on your hard drive or in the cloud. Read the whole story