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Identify Your Best Social Media Influencers

How to Identify Your Best Social Media Influencers

Via Brent Csutoras | @brentcsutoras Social media has become an integrated layer in our lives, available at almost every point in your day and even in space. It is this level of integration in our lives which has also made social media so powerful as a marketing tool and why just about every business has integrated it into their overall...
Woman Presenting Strategy

Avoid These Social Media Strategies in 2016

Via John Kultgen | @JohnKultgen If you don't shift your social media approach this year, your brand will get left behind. The reason for this thinking is linked to the rapid evolution that occurred over the last 12 months. In 2015, social media marketers saw a lot of changes. Instagram surpassed Twitter as the world’s second-largest social...
Social Media Tips for the Holiday Shopping Season

8 Social Media Tips for 2015 Holiday Shopping Season

Via Angie Pascale | @angiepascale Marketers preparing for the upcoming holiday shopping season can leverage social media channels leading up to and during the holidays can help to boost awareness, drive traffic, and increase sales. Here are 8 tips for preparing your site and social media networks. Read the full Article
Top 5 Instagram Analytics Tools - With Views From Industry Experts

Top 5 Instagram Analytics Tools - With Views From Industry Experts

Via Richard Sunley | @richyjin According to Instagram's press page, the photo based social network now has over 300 million active users per month with 70 million new photos uploaded each day. Talkwalker's Richard Sunley put together this list of 5 of the most useful Instagram tools currently on the market, complete with comments from Instagram...
Twitter Advertising Guide

A Beginner's Guide to Twitter Advertising

Michael Patterson via Sprout Social | @SproutSocial The only thing standing between you and tons of qualified ad impressions is learning the ropes of paid Twitter advertising. This guide will cover everything you need to know to get you set up on Twitter advertising and will walk through some of the decisions you’ll need to make when creating your first...
Facebook Audience Insights

How to Use Facebook Audience Insights: A Beginner's Guide

Via Naomi Parry | @social_naomi You can use Facebook Audience Insights to learn about your audience - even if you are not advertising to them. HubSpot's guide explains how you can build stronger buyer personas, create more compelling content, and uncover some gems for your competitive research using this tool. Read the full Article
nine tips to improve pinterest marketing

9 Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing

Via Julia McCoy | @smexaminer Marketing on Pinterest is an excellent way to showcase your business, engage current and potential customers and boost your bottom line. Followers look to you and your business for valuable content. If you want more exposure and engagement for your pins, this article contains 9 ways to increase the likelihood. Read the...