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Social media analytics what and how to measure

The Social Media Analytics Compass: What and How to Measure

Via Ian Cleary | @IanCleary Are you using the right social media analytics tools to monitor, assess and improve your social media performance? What analytics are you measuring and what should you be measuring in your social media tracking? Monitoring your social media analytics can make the difference between the success or failure of...
How Fast Companies Have to be in Social Media

New Research Shows How Fast Companies Have to Be in Social Media

Via Jay Baer | @jaybaer Speed of response has an impact on overall customer satisfaction and the will­ingness of unhappy customers to embrace your business post-complaint. But the impact of speed isn't massive. This is partially because when complaints ARE addressed, companies are doing a satisfactory job at answering them without delay. The real problem...

Inside the Growing Social Media Gap

Via Ryan Holmes | @invoker To avoid throwing good money after bad, companies need to ensure that their employees actually know how to use new and emerging social technologies. Those that succeed in closing the social media skills gap will discover new ways to reach and retain customers, engage and recruit employees, and boost productivity. Those...
Mobile Social Phone

A guide to measuring social media ROI

Via William Johnson | @mwilliamjohnson Social analytics tools can significantly increase ROI of a business, and social KPIs are completely measurable and can be significantly improved with time. But, how do you know which social KPIs you need to measure, and in what ways can you track them? The bottom line is you need social analytics to produce...

Getting Started with Snapchat Marketing

Via Amy Schmittauer | @schmittastic If you're looking for some quick advice for kicking off your Snapchat marketing plan, start with this video from Savvy Sexy Social. Amy Schmittauer offers pro tips for using Snapchat to activate your audience, work with influencers, and provide a look behind the scenes at your business.    
Hashtag Analytics

A Complete Guide to Hashtag Analytics

Via Dominique Jackson | @djthewriter By using hashtag analytics, you'll be able to run better campaigns, get details on your target audience and optimize your social media posts for more exposure, and using hashtags could help with SEO as well. In 2015, Google started to include Tweets in its search results. When you search Google for #fitness, the...
Facebook Contest Ideas

Facebook Contest Ideas for Your Business

Via Jennifer Beese | @jenniferbeese When done right, a social media contest can be a great vehicle for driving engagement and rewarding brand loyalty. It's also an easy way to get new Likes, email subscribers and sales leads for your business. Facebook's user base and low barrier to entry makes it a popular platform to hold contests. But...
Social Media Terms-01

7 Need-To-Know Social Media Terms for 2016

Via Alex York | @SproutAlexYork You've heard it a million times, but it's true–the social media world is constantly evolving. What was popular just a few years ago could now be viewed as out of date or old fashioned in today's social media world. That's why it's critical as a social media manager or marketer to stay on top of the latest social media...