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Heartbleed Update: How to Create Strong Passwords

If you're not changing your important passwords this weekend you're at risk. Just do it. What's the big deal? Think of it as spring cleaning; a good time to get your passwords organized and get some strong passwords in place. Our advice to all our friends is to change ALL your passwords starting with your EMAIL , then all your financial connections, then...
Heartbleed logo

Why The Security Bug Heartbleed Has A Catchy Logo

Welcome to the future — branding and identity graphics for internet security holes. You've probably never heard of CVE-2014-0160. But you probably have heard of the Heartbleed bug, the "catastrophic" security hole that was revealed in half a million websites earlier this week. The two are one in the same--except for one small point: CVE-2014-0160 is...

A simple way to improve your password

Here's a simple way to boost online security: Make your password longer. It's (not so) simple math: An 8-character password offers 722 trillion possible combinations, based on 26 upper-case letters in the alphabet, 26 lower-case, 10 numbers and 10 special characters. Opt for a 12-character password and you've increased that to 19 sextillion...