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6 Killer Tools for Better Social Marketing

6 Killer Tools for Better Social Marketing

Via Patrick Whatman | @mrwhatman Social media marketing is bigger than ever. You basically have to be doing it. Trouble is, that means it’s competitive. To make a dent, you need a great strategy. We’ve found some tools that’ll automate steps along the way. If you’re like me, you want to outsource as much as you can to machines. Machines are the...
What it takes for content to go viral

5 ways to make social media posts more sharable

Via Avinash Nair | @AviNair52 There's a science behind what kind of content does well online. Even having all the right ingredients doesn't guarantee that an item will go viral. So what makes content shareable? Is it the image, the catchy headline, or the fact that it was written by a respected leader or influencer? Do people share content that has been...
Know Your Audience Better

Want to Know Your Audience Better? Try This Test.

Via Christopher Penn | @cspenn When it comes to understanding your audience, few things provide as much insight as how your audience describe themselves. What are the words and phrases that they use to talk about themselves? Social media provides this answer to us in the form of profile biographies. Whether LinkedIn profile, Twitter bios, etc., we can...