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Video in Email

Using Email To Drive Your Brand Value To Greater Heights

Via Paul Ford | @paulford As engagement strategies continue to evolve, it's very important to seize every opportunity available to reinforce your brand to customers and prospects. Email remains one of the best channels for developing a brand. Although getting the CTA (call to action) right is important, there are some additional elements to consider as...
Welcome Emails

Welcome Emails (Part 2): Are You Missing Opportunities

[ Part 2 of this two-part article identifies content opportunities with benefits for both you & your subscribers. Part 1 focused on Welcome email generalities. ] When we last left I said Part 2 of this article would identify content opportunities for Welcome emails. Before I delve into a couple ideas let's be sure we're on the same page. The ideas...
Welcome Emails

Welcome Emails (Part 1): Are You Missing Opportunities?

[ Part 1 of this two-part article focuses on Welcome email generalities. Part 2 will identify content opportunities with benefits for both you & your subscribers. ] At this point in our technology driven world most people probably know what a "Welcome email" is. Nonetheless, a well-written article on the subject should begin by defining the item...
Ultimate Mobile Email Stats Overview

The Ultimate Mobile Email Statistics Overview

Via Jordie van Rijn | @jvanrijn Smartphones and tablets represent a massive part all email interactions & revenue. But just how massive? I searched near and far for all (useful) available statistics and compiled the ultimate mobile email statistics overview with insight into the current state of mobile email. Read the full article.
Email Marketing VS Social Media

Why Email Marketing Trumps Social Media

Via Douglas Burdett | @ArtilleryMarket Social media is an excellent way to share your content and extend your reach, but it's generally only going to be seen when your fans and followers are engaged in social media and happen to see it in the passing parade. But email can break through to every subscriber. Read the full article.
Email Marketing for the Holidays

3 Ways to Prepare Your Email Marketing for the Holidays

Larisa Bedgood via Relevate | @RelevateGroup Email marketing drove 17.7% of online orders in 2014 (behind only organic and paid search) and is poised to be a major player in the 2015 holiday marketing season. To make sure your emails aren't lost in a sea of dancing elf e-cards and ugly sweater party invitations, take these 3 steps to lay the groundwork...