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Designing UI with Color Blind Users in Mind

Via Rich Staats | @richstaats Color plays an integral role in UI design. When done right, it improves user experience, influences purchasing decisions, and reflects the brand's voice. Here are some tips on how you can improve your site’s accessibility and the experience it delivers for color blind people. Read full article

What Every Marketer Should Know About Color Theory

Via Brielle Yang | @silkcards Color theory is the art and science of colors, our understanding of how colors mix, how people perceive colors, and the message the colors communicate. Are you aware that colors impact how one thinks and behaves? In fact, color ads attract 42 percent more attention than those in black and white. Read full article

Are Gradients the New Colors?

Via Gal Shir | @galgalshir Colors are one of the most important and powerful elements in design. Since design is an evolution, our perception of colors (and the ways we use them) is ever-changing. Read full article
Web Design Trends

Where are we going? Web Design Trends for 2016

Randy Brown writing at Elegant Themes Blog, and Larry Alton at Website Magazine offer helpful reviews of Web Design Trends for 2016. It is obvious to all of us that web design is changing at a dizzying pace. Identifying fundamental trends can help us see what we need to do to keep our websites relevant in the year ahead. While it is certainly true...
Mobile BI Trends in 2016

Top 10 Mobile BI Design Trends

Via Marissa Davis | @marissar Mobile is changing the way we work. Whether we're paying bills, reading the news, or purchasing goods, we're doing it all on mobile devices. And it's changing the way businesses need to deliver information. Take a look at the top 10 design trends in today's market, along with best practices for applying them to mobile...

Scrolling habits downplay "the fold"

There's an ongoing debate among web designers about content placement on webpages and the so-called "fold." The fold takes its name from the newspaper world, which should already tell you it's an outdated concept: Content printed above the point on the newspaper where it gets folded in half gets more attention, because the content "below the fold" goes...

The difference between Art & Design

In preparing for my talk, at the Gorgy Kepes Institute in Hungary earlier this month, I found myself thinking about the difference between design and art. As an artist/designer I have often tried to articulate the difference between these two endeavors, but this time I feel like I got closer to clarity in my thinking. Here's what I have come to: Art is...