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Generation "Now": Are you ready? Image Credit: garryknight/Flickr

How Millennials Require Us to Design the Technologies of Tomorrow

"What does the millennial generation mean for technology makers? In a nutshell, it means that interactive technologies, from smartphones to websites to mobile apps to SaaS apps, need to provide the most usable, self-guided, hiccup-free, efficient user experiences in history." "Industry research indicates that by 2017, the millennial generation will...
Ralph Baer

Thanks for the beeps and blips

Ralph Baer, inventor of the first home video game console system, died yesterday at 92. While working at a defense contracting company in 1966, Baer had the idea of a system that would allow people to play games on television sets. His invention became the Magnavox Odyssey, released in 1972, ahead of Atari's Pong, often mistaken as the first gaming...