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Generation X is Often Incorrectly Overlooked by Marketers

5 Reasons Marketers Have Largely Overlooked Generation X

Via Robert Klara | @UpperEastRob They’re at the peak of their careers, but many brands have forgotten them. These days, nearly any brand you can think of is tripping over itself to reach millennials—and leapfrogged the generation before them. Generation X is an age group that's not used to being marketed to very much. Gen X has...
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How Brands Can Drive Results with Promoted Pinterest Pins

Via Jacob Warwick | @JacobWarwick The Promoted Pins CPC model isn't unique, but the tactics used to successfully drive results are. In this guide, Kissmetrics walks step by step over exactly how to get started promoting your content through Pinterest, then discusses actionable techniques to increase your chances for successful results. Read...
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Reaching out to consumers on the IoT

The Internet of Things is changing the way we interact with our homes, our cars, our appliances, even our bodies. From the front doors of our houses, to the many hidden devices that are otherwise invisible to us, but which form the critical systems that support our daily lives, like pumps and valves, and multitudes of electrical switches and relays,...
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Why Consumer Intent Is More Powerful Than Demographics

Via Think with Google | @ThinkwithGoogle Marketers who rely only on demographics to reach consumers risk missing more than 70% of potential mobile shoppers. Why? Because demographics rarely tell the whole story. Understanding consumer intent is much more powerful. Lisa Gevelber, Google’s VP of marketing, shares how starting with intent can help you reach...