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Signal's History

Established by President/CEO DAVE ZAHN in May 1985, SIGNAL (Signal Advertising) has grown and adapted over the last three decades to become one of Vermont's premiere web development firms.

Our six employees serve approximately 40 client companies with a broad range of Internet services: Strategy, branding and identity, design, web design, database management, email marketing — and a bevvy of managed services such as web hosting, email, domains, 24/7 monitoring, backups, and more.

Embracing the spirit of the Internet, Signal took the leap to full-time telecommuting in 2011. Serving our customers via voice over IP (VoIP), email, chat and video conferencing, Signal can meet customers' needs on the turn of a dime.

Signal doesn't just help build the Internet. We live it.

Signal's Mission

Foster long-term client relationships

Signal's in this for the long haul. So we're selective about who we work for.

Remain approachable & responsive

Signal doesn't have "account reps." You work directly with your designer/programmer.

Attract & retain quality talent

Signal's committed to its employees and uses a non-hierarchical teamwork approach.

Signal's Philosophy

Signal provides Internet marketing and communication services to local and national clients. We do this on a long-term basis by designing, building and hosting websites and web applications for our clients.

Signal believes this work can only be accomplished with a stable staff of employees who like their jobs, are comfortable in their workplace, value their community, and respect the clients we work for.

We're selective about who we hire and who we work for.

Signal prides itself on being highly-responsive, and we’ve structured the company to be able to change course quickly to meet client needs, and to adapt to changing business and technical requirements.

Our primary value to our clients is our ability to join rapidly-evolving network technology with modern marketing communications methods in a turnkey solution that's custom-fitted to client requirements.

Meet Signal's Team

David Zahn
Partner, Founder

Dave Zahn

Dave is a visual artist by training and a graphic designer and media technologist by profession.

Phil Marshall
Partner, General Manager

Phil Marshall

With almost 20 years in the industry, Phil's mastered an impressive list of programming technologies.

Mark Engelhardt
Software Engineer, System Administrator

Mark Engelhardt

Mark has the ability to program in PHP/MySQL as well as a dozen other programming languages.

Scott Jeter
Designer, Programmer, Project Manager

Scott Jeter

Trained in graphic arts and influenced by computer science, Scott's gained a broad perspective in the fast-moving industry of web development.

Craig Bailey
Designer, Programmer, Project Manager

Craig Bailey

Craig's first online experience was in 1985, logging in at 128 kbps to Quantum Link, an early predecessor of America Online.

Designer, Art Director

Natalya Zahn

Natalya is a Boston-based illustrator, designer and visual story-teller skilled in traditional media and digital techniques.