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How to Successfully Grow Engaged Email Lists

Via Kim Courvoisier A look at how to balance email list growth and engagement and why it’s so important to your email marketing success. Read full article Read more

Add the Power of Video to Your Email Marketing

Via Paroma Sen | @paromasen Innovation in email marketing doesn’t always have to mean new technology. By adding the power of video to your email marketing, you’ll be giving it a performance boost Read full article Read more

Email Marketing Mistakes to Stop Making (and What to Do Instead)

Via Ivan Kreimer | @ivankreimer To help you save your email marketing from common struggles, here are five mistakes you may be making and a few suggestions on what to do to instead. Read full article Read more

Custom, Dynamic Email Is Giving Marketers and Readers What They Want: Hyper-Personalized Messages

Via Scott Heimes | @scottheimes How do we reach hyper-personalization? Columnist Scott Heimes believes building an email-based app, along with great content and timing, is key to earning email readers' loyalty. Read full article Read more

6 Secrets to Upgrading Your Transactional Emails

Via Abi Davies Transactional emails refer to a type of email sent to a customer when they need, or have requested, specific information. In other words, this is an email a recipient doesn’t need to be “opted-in” to receive. Examples include:... Read more

Here's How My Email Newsletter Remains My Best Marketing Tool

Via Jacqueline Whitmore | @etiquetteexpert Newsletters easily made the transition from snail mail to email, but now they are so old-school marketers don't realize how well the good ones work. Read full article Read more

A Marketer’s Guide to the Best Time to Send Email

Via Emily Bauer | @propellercrm Anyone who’s ever Googled “best time to send an email” knows there’s a ton of information available on this topic. The problem is the many studies on optimal email send times all seem to reach different conclusions... Read more

The Really Good Guide to Email Design (+ Bonus Checklist)

Via Kim Courvoisier | @stiggy1 Want an email that looks awesome and converts like crazy? Campaign Monitor joined forces with Really Good Emails to take the guesswork out of designing an excellent email with this email design guide and checklist... Read more

The Key to Effective Direct Mail Is Communication

Via Summer Gould | @sumgould Too many times marketers are so focused on design that they lose sight of the importance of good copy. They end up with direct mail copywriting that is talking at someone instead of to them. Read full article Read more

The Argument for Sending Your Customers Non-transactional Emails in Two Case Studies

Via Courtney Eckerle | @courtneyeckerle Two case studies featuring marketers who decided to dedicate significant time and effort into producing an email send where the goal wasn’t to drive revenue. Read full article Read more