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What is “Good Content,” and How Do I Create It?

Via Megan Duffy Top performing content, including viral content, has some things that are easy to replicate. Use this eight-item checklist to crank out good content on a consistent basis. Read full article Read more

How to Promote Your Blog Post with a Simple Video Trailer

Via Denise Wakeman | @DeniseWakeman If you want more eyeballs on your content, try promoting your blog posts with video. There are a couple of ways you can do this: talking head style announcing your new blog post or a simple video trailer... Read more

7 Pieces of Information Necessary for Any Marketing Strategy

Via Samuel Edwards | @samuel_quincy A lot of work goes into the execution and follow-up of great marketing campaigns. Before you finalize a strategy, make sure you have these seven pieces of information. Read full article Read more

New Research Reveals What Makes Great, Shareable Content

Via Jay Baer | @jaybaer Recommendations from real people are more trustworthy than recommendations from brands, but what type of content is most likely to trigger that sharing behavior? New content marketing research answers those questions. Read... Read more

5 Secrets to Creating an About Us Page New Readers Will Love

Via Devan Ciccarelli The answers your website visitors are seeking aren’t always visible on your homepage or your products page. That’s why your About Us page is so important to get right. Here's a checklist to get you started. Read full article Read more

The Complete Guide to Writing Product Descriptions That Convert

Via ConversionXL Most product descriptions are awful. Or worse, non-existent. Product copy and product descriptions seems like such minor parts of a website in the grand scheme of conversion optimization, so many brands brush it off. But for... Read more

Zero-Waste Marketing: 5 Surefire Ways to Get Value From Your Next Post, No Matter What

Via Andy Crestodina | @crestondina There’s a surefire way to get huge value from your next post. It’s automatic. And it’s so efficient, we call it "zero-waste" marketing. Read full article Read more

How to Write Content That Search Engines And Humans Love

Via CoSchedule It is an age long debate between SEOs: Who you should really write for — search engines, or humans? Read full story   Read more

Content Marketing 101: 5 Tips on How to Write Compelling Content

Via Courtney Eckerle | @courtneyeckerle Highly-engaged content has much greater SEO value than do less popular pages. Social signals are a helpful factor in making that determination because they represent independent assessments of a page’s... Read more

How to Write Your Website About Page: 5 Powerful Ideas for an Effective About Page

Via Barry Feldman | @feldmancreative Your website “About Page” won’t be a common entry point for visitors. But it could be a common exit point. Read full article Read more