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August 4, 2014

Scope of Pain revamp

The new Scope of Pain site launched this afternoon.

The Boston University School of Medicine's Continuing Medical Education Department worked with Signal to give the site a fresh look and streamline the registration process.

Scope of Pain is an in-person and online training program to help doctors safely and effectively manage patients with chronic pain using opioid analgesics.

Visit Scope of Pain


May 22, 2014

Pocket Molecular Sensor - this changes EVERYTHING!

Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy (NIR) - This is the first molecular sensor that fits in the palm of your hand. SCiO reads the chemical make-up of materials. It is a non-intrusive, no-touch optical sensor that provides instant and affordable analysis of materials: food, plants, medication, oil and fuels, plastics and wood, and more. This device is only the beginning of a revolution in transparency about the world around us - soon everyone will know what is in the food they eat, and the products they use.

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May 14, 2014

Know Your Photoshop File Sizes

How can one Photoshop image grow and shrink dramatically during production, even without compression? It's a question that comes up regularly. And the answer isn't just academic, because understanding why could save you a lot of storage space on your hard drive or in the cloud.

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April 11, 2014

WATCH: Heartbleed Security Flaw Explained in Simple English

This is a brilliant explanation of the Heartbleed Bug in easy to understand language. In the video, popular YouTuber Tom Scott breaks down what Heartbleed is, using diagrams and Pokemon references to illustrate his point. Watch this... and then go change your passwords

Watch the Video


April 11, 2014

Heartbleed Update: How to Create Strong Passwords

If you're not changing your important passwords this weekend you're at risk. Just do it. What's the big deal? Think of it as spring cleaning; a good time to get your passwords organized and get some strong passwords in place.

Our advice to all our friends is to change ALL your passwords starting with your EMAIL , then all your financial connections, then the rest. Change your email password immediately, because your mail controls all the other accounts. This is a good time to use a Password Generator.
Strong Password Generator

This is also a very good time to start using a password storage system like LastPass, or !Password.


I've been using LastPass for a number of years and I swear by it. These tools make the whole password management process infinitely easier.

But what ever you do change your email and your banking passwords NOW!

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