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How Important are Keywords in 2015?

How Important are Keywords in 2015?

Via Pratik Dholakiya | @DholakiyaPratik Once upon a time, SEO was synonymous with zeroing in on the right keywords and going crazy with a million iterations and use cases for these keywords all over your site. If you stuffed your site, its meta data, and HTML tags with enough keywords, it was enough to win the battle against Google. It was simple to do...

84% of Millennials Act on Push Notifications

Andrew Corselli via Direct Marketing | @DirectMarketingNews A recent study found 84% of Gen Y acts on push notifications for location-based apps. As a marketing professional, it's hard to overlook these numbers especially if you are trying to reach out to the younger market. Considering there are around eighty million millennials in America alone,...
Twitter Advertising Guide

A Beginner's Guide to Twitter Advertising

Michael Patterson via Sprout Social | @SproutSocial The only thing standing between you and tons of qualified ad impressions is learning the ropes of paid Twitter advertising. This guide will cover everything you need to know to get you set up on Twitter advertising and will walk through some of the decisions you’ll need to make when creating your first...
nine tips to improve pinterest marketing

9 Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing

Via Julia McCoy | @smexaminer Marketing on Pinterest is an excellent way to showcase your business, engage current and potential customers and boost your bottom line. Followers look to you and your business for valuable content. If you want more exposure and engagement for your pins, this article contains 9 ways to increase the likelihood. Read the...
What SEO Used To Be Versus What SEO Is Now

What SEO Used to Be Versus What SEO Is Now

Via Neil Patel | @neilpatel The biggest thing that has changed over the years is content marketing. If you look at the infographic with the link below, you'll notice that 88% of the companies that use SEO integrate content marketing into their strategy. Read the full Article