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Firefox calls foul on Windows 10

Fan of the new Edge browser that ships with Microsoft Windows 10? No? Well, just switch the default. How hard can that be? Right? Harder than before, apparently. Mozilla CEO Chris Beard noticed. And he called out MS for its "aggressive move to override user choice."
IoT and marketers

IoT marketing data "extremely effective"

While sensor vendors and network service providers are scrambling to monetize the Internet of Things, corporate marketers are quietly leveraging IoT data to support their digital marketing efforts. Why? ..because it works! David Kilpatrick reports on the marketing utility of data streaming from the IoT at MarketingDive.
IoT Now

India is betting on IoT

A recent 186-page report by Tata Consulting Services is being cited to validate the claim that there is already huge IoT interest in the corporate world. Tata says internationally 26 companies will spend at least $1 billion this year on initiatives related to the trend.

Flash in the cross hairs

Adobe Flash has been an endagered technology for a number of years, but now the call for its elimination are growing very loud. Last week Mozilla blocked the plug-in in the Firefox browser. 
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Meet the new boss; same as the old boss

You might have heard Microsoft is retiring its much-beleagured Internet Explorer browser in favor of a new one called Edge. This week the new Edge logo was added to the MS Windows 10 preview, and it looks kinda familiar. Here's hoping what's under the hood of Edge is more different from Explorer than this new "E" is to the old "E."
The Network Effect

The Network Effect

Metcalf's Law Things become more valuable when you connect them. V=N2 … or  The value of the network is proportional to the number of connected users. As the cost of the network grows linearly the value of the network grows exponentially. The more members there are in the network, the more value there is in the network.