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Video in Email

Using Email To Drive Your Brand Value To Greater Heights

Via Paul Ford | @paulford As engagement strategies continue to evolve, it's very important to seize every opportunity available to reinforce your brand to customers and prospects. Email remains one of the best channels for developing a brand. Although getting the CTA (call to action) right is important, there are some additional elements to consider as...
UX Best Practices

Combining UX Design and Psychology to Change User Behavior

Via Nadine Kintscher from @smashingmag Ever wondered why your users don't interact with your product the way you hope? Persuading people to perform a particular action, like signing up or buying a product, is a challenge in most industries, especially when you want that action to be performed repeatedly. To understand the reasons behind what drives...
Mobile Social Phone

A guide to measuring social media ROI

Via William Johnson | @mwilliamjohnson Social analytics tools can significantly increase ROI of a business, and social KPIs are completely measurable and can be significantly improved with time. But, how do you know which social KPIs you need to measure, and in what ways can you track them? The bottom line is you need social analytics to produce...
Instagram Marketing Strategy

How to Create an Instagram Marketing Strategy

Via Alicia Johnston | @aliciabjohnston As people join Instagram in droves, brands have a unique opportunity for engagement with their fans: Instagram posts generate a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%, which is 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter. When you put the principles from this article...
pinterest buyable pins

How Brands Can Drive Results with Promoted Pinterest Pins

Via Jacob Warwick | @JacobWarwick The Promoted Pins CPC model isn't unique, but the tactics used to successfully drive results are. In this guide, Kissmetrics walks step by step over exactly how to get started promoting your content through Pinterest, then discusses actionable techniques to increase your chances for successful results. Read...

Getting Started with Snapchat Marketing

Via Amy Schmittauer | @schmittastic If you're looking for some quick advice for kicking off your Snapchat marketing plan, start with this video from Savvy Sexy Social. Amy Schmittauer offers pro tips for using Snapchat to activate your audience, work with influencers, and provide a look behind the scenes at your business.